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Photos of the 187th ECB

We are lucky to have these few photos of the 187th Engineer Combat Battalion.

I have been trying to put a face on this unit. Hopefully, this will add a picture of these men. No matter what picture you have in your collection, its really valuable to the story of the 187th. Please donate to the story of your loved ones!

Worms Crossing
Battalion Headquarters April 1945 Ascheberg Germany
Charles Wilson sitting on Jeep
I'm guessing but this might be a picture of Cologne, Germany
Ascheberg Germany
Ascheberg Germany Headquarters 1945
Worms crossing built by the 187th
Camp White Denton-Morton-Bower
Charlie Wilson My DAD

James Truett Butler
George R "Dick" Hurley 
George R "Dick" Hurley 

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