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187th Engineer Combat Battalion General Orders Dec 1944

187th Engineer Combat Battalion General Orders Dec 1944
1945 Valkenburg, Berkelpoort, The Netherlands
This is what it looks like today

Some documents will be hard to read. Some with be out of order, but I tried to keep them in line with dates if I could read them. Maps if you use Google Earth you can locate the roads they were working on. Some information might be sensitive for some individuals. We are still looking for Group Photos of the 187th Engineer Combat Battalion.

If you think this battalion had a cakewalk. You better read the reports, they were dealing with shelling, German aircraft strafing by the German Airforce, and German Snipers.

Note From Me. This page and other pages coming up in the future which show and describe the daily and weekly exercises the 187th Engineer Combat Battalion went through during their time in the European Theater could be boring to the average reader, but very interesting to the individual who is seeking the story of there loved ones during this time period.

If you have a hard time viewing the records, press your ctrl + keys to zoom in and Ctrl - keys to zoom out.

There is a new program on YouTube now called Now and Then. Several entities are developing video showing actual photos of lets say a town in its current stage, and then showing you pictures of the same place during WWII. Follow it on Google earth to get a feel of the actual location. Gives you a view into the past if you know what I mean. Happy Hunting.


By the end of December, the 187th will land in France to begin their journey into combat. They will land in La Havre, France, at a harbor barely open to receive troops. Its too damaged at this time to land heavy equipment and supplies. Major supplies is still running out of Cherbourg, France. Cherbourg was the main port in the beginning of the American movement into Europe.

Cherbourg harbor diagram 1944
[Photo] Aerial reconnaissance photograph of Cherbourg city and harbor, taken on 21 June 1944 ...
Cherbourg, France 1944

YouTube video of the damage in Cherbourg, France

Seeking photos and information about the 187th ECB. Willing to pay for anyone who has a Company Group photo of the 187th. As a famous general once told me, Chip in boys, I am right behind you.

Contact us at the187thengcobn@aol.com

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