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187th Engineer Combat Battalion 9th Army push for Remagen

187th Engineer Combat Battalion 9th Army push for Remagen
Ludendorff Bridge At Remagen After Its Capture On March 7 , 1945
US REMAGEN BRIDGE 7 MARCH 1945 WWII Medal 41mm 30g Lead, Rare. BB1 - Picture 1 of 2
March 10, 1945 WWII Original Birthday Int. Newspaper US RHINE REMAGEN B-29 TOKYO - Picture 1 of 2
WWII News Leaflet / Flyer, Dropped By Plane Over Holland, Remagen, March 9, 1945 - Picture 1 of 8
Great WWII STARS & STRIPES Soldier Newspaper, Italy March 28, 1945, B-29 Remagen - Picture 1 of 17

Aerail View Of Remagen Erpel Ludendorff Bridge Alte Strasse 15 March 1945 
Bent and twisted – what is left of the bridge

Karhl Timmerman, Lt. Molt., Sgt. Eugene Dorland, Sgt. John Reynolds, Sgt. Alexander A. Drabik ran on the bridge and cut wires and dynamite off the bridge before the Germans could blow it up.

This is the best video of the Capture of the Ludendorff Bridge

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